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About Bat Removal Specialists

We are honest and experienced professionals.  We humanely remove bats and permanently seal all types of structures – both residential and commercial. Employing fastidious care and over a decade of hands-on specialization, we provide our clients with turn-key solutions to their bat infestation problems.

We use long lasting color-matched performance grade sealants, a customized exclusion process, and offer complete guano removal and decontamination. This creates the foundation of our customer service that offers relief and protects the investments of home and business owners alike.

Our knowledge of the Southeastern Pennsylvania area and the types of bats which inhabit our various structures, tempered by years of experience, has shaped our innovative solutions to unique problems. The finished product is a more effective method of exclusion and permanent infestation prevention.

About the Owner

I am Damon Vukovich, the owner of Bat Removal Specialists.  I’ve spent almost 10 years specializing in permanent bat removal solutions for homeowners and businesses by employing innovative improvements on conventional products and elevating customer service above the industry standard. 

I’ve gained experience teaching and working with other companies and contractors, including one of the area’s larger dedicated bat removal companies.  Now, in an effort to continue improving the industry, I’ve decided to offer residential and commercial solutions directly to the consumer. 

Growing up in Pennsylvania, I spent my childhood engrossed in many facets of environmental biology.  I started cataloging insect species at age 4. This interest eventually evolved from entomology to marine biology to a business in herpetology to bat conservation. I grew up embracing hard work as a path for character growth with my first full time job at 13. I continued to work up to 80 hours a week at as many as 3 jobs simultaneously while completing online schooling. I spent much of my time learning important life lessons through hands-on experience such as attention for detail while detailing exotic sport bikes, value of customer satisfaction in sales and the service industry, and important structural knowledge in construction.

While attending college and studying nutrition to further improve my human machinery, my determination, entrepreneurial nature, and work ethic caught the attention of a biologist who took me under his wing and trained me to operate his specialized bat removal business. I spent the following decade refining the techniques I had been taught to take the quality service of bat removal beyond that of our competitors. The only logical next step was to start my own company to further address the industry’s needs.