Bat Exclusion and Removal

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Cracked acrylic latex offers entry to bats, insects, and water where brick meets  trim. 

Our color-matched and hand-tooled sealant seals cracks and stretches with joint expansion.

Bat Exclusions

Getting rid of bats from any type of structure consists of 3 phases: We perform a Bat inspection to identify all possible and active entry points, properly apply appropriate sealant products to all possible entry points, and address all active entry points with colony specific exclusion devices.


A range of sealant formulas designed for different structural applications are utilized to properly seal structural entry-points. Extensive technical and hands-on product training coupled with a decade of jobsite experience, allows us to effectively use the right product for the right application without sacrificing aesthetics or performance.

We focus on installation of industrial grade color matched sealants when bat proofing both residential and commercial structures. When the correct product is installed by a trained technician, these sealants are designed to last 20-30 years.


One common question posed to us is how do the bats get out? We build custom exclusions outfitted specifically to address multiple factors. Exclusions are devices we construct and fasten to the colony entry points that are based on colony size, entry point location, bat species, and colony flight pattern. Exclusions that we build allow bats to leave but not reenter the structure. It is common for other companies and DIYers to attempt bat exclusion using premade “bat valves” or “bat tubes” and trap colonies in the wall which inevitably forces them into the structure. Upon completion of the exclusion process, all devices are removed and remaining openings are sealed.


Our approach to residential bat removal is to humanely exclude the bats after an extensive home sealant process that does not sacrifice appearance of the house or the longevity of the sealants. Due to our experience with a range of home construction styles, our knowledge of all possible entry points into a dwelling enables us to offer a more thorough building exclusion that will ensure long-term relief backed by our 5-year warranty. Many of the entry points we address for bat exclusion also exist as vulnerabilities for birds, rodents, insects, and moisture to enter a house.


We focus on industrial grade solutions for every structure we treat which allows us to warranty structures for 5 to 10 years depending on product application. All of our building treatments are to specification of large commercial structures. We are well aware of the importance of maintaining a neat and professional appearance so we devote the same attention to detail for aesthetics as we do for our product longevity when we address commercial structures. Our extensive experience in permanently removing bat infestations from large-scale construction comes with the appropriate knowledge of machine operation and safety regulations.

Where Do They Get In?

Bats can move through extremely small places – often as small as a quarter to a half inch wide.  Below are some examples of areas where bats have made entry points and areas where we have excluded and sealed the area to prevent them from returning.